the last day at the pool

DSC_0116 copyIt seems too long ago that we were swimming at the pool.

DSC_0117 copy

The weather didn’t cooperate some days.  Schools starting earlier than other years didn’t help either.

DSC_0119 copy

But Mark and I did manage to get a snow cone to celebrate the end of pool-swimming.  Phew!

DSC_0121 copyThe kids met at the pool with friends.

DSC_0126 copy DSC_0128 copy DSC_0132 copy

Played ’til dark.

DSC_0135 copy DSC_0137 copySo much fun.  Noticing getting dark earlier, as summer comes to an end.

DSC_0138 copy DSC_0141 copyLots of playing.  Lots! DSC_0142 copyWhen you are at the pool twice a day for 2 hours every time. Every. Single. Day. Yup! Lots of playing.  What a summer it was.

DSC_0148 copyDSC_0156 copy

Beautiful and fun memories.

DSC_0161 copy DSC_0165 copy DSC_0168 copy DSC_0170 copy DSC_0175 copy DSC_0190 copy DSC_0195 copy DSC_0197 copy DSC_0200 copy DSC_0209 copy

‘Til next year then.  It was a fun summer, this one.


One thought on “the last day at the pool

  1. Glendie September 15, 2015 / 7:54 am

    Glad you had such a wonderful summer at the pool. Thank you for sharing the memories!

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