making : a quilt for beautiful friends

Some friends got married few weekends ago, and we thought a quilt was what we wanted to give them.  So it started the fun.

DSC_0016 copy

Picking the fabrics.  I do love this process.  Thinking of something that reminded us of them and their family, something bright and fun for the cooler, more gray days in the colder months.

DSC_0144 copy

But I also liked having the gray in between, to divide it and unite it all.  To give it a little rest  in between the brightness.  And also, a little bit of Portland’s winter days.

DSC_0146 copy DSC_0148 copy DSC_0143 copy DSC_0018 copy

And of course, our latest new addition to our pantry.  The grape jelly that matches the orange ribbon, as Siena pointed out.  Perfect!


2 thoughts on “making : a quilt for beautiful friends

  1. Glendie September 14, 2015 / 7:11 am

    What a very beautiful gift!!!!!

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