a new tablecloth

DSC_0123 copy

I had a square white tablecloth I found at a garage sale that I was keeping to use for something else (meaning, cutting and up cycling into something else.)

DSC_0124 copy

So I decided to try to dye it with the Indigo kit we used the other day.  I got it wet and set it on the table.  I started turning it around, from the middle, like a sunburst.  Then I tied it with rubber bands.

DSC_0125 copy DSC_0126 copySoaked it in the dye and let it turn blue (oxidize… isn’t it cool how it turns from green to that beautiful indigo blue?)

DSC_0127 copy

Let it sit for about 30 minutes and then untie it.

DSC_0148 copy

DSC_0151 copy

DSC_0153 copy DSC_0155 copy

Not as much blue as I thought it was going to get.  I wonder if I turned it too tight, maybe? But I like it.  Siena says “it will go well with the darker napkins.”  Yes it will.  Let’s see.

DSC_0198 copy

So of course we used them for dinner that same evening, even a little wet on some spots.  We couldn’t tell and didn’t mind.  Because, we have to do those types of things sometimes.

DSC_0199 copy

I love the napkins!  We actually have 7, the other ones were still too wet to use… and there were only 4 of us anyway.

DSC_0200 copy DSC_0209 copy

And so we set it up so we could take a picture at the end of our hard day at work.

DSC_0215 copy DSC_0217 copy DSC_0220 copy

I love the fresh fruit colors, the summer right here with us.

DSC_0229 copy

Red, yellow, orange, green, and indigo? Love it! Perfect choice for dinner.

And we also noticed…

DSC_0211 copy… this has been a blue year, for sure.  Look in the background, the furniture.  And remember we changed Siena’s room few months ago? Blue too.  I like it.  We must all like it I guess, or at least two of us!  I wonder what color will bring next year.