Another party at the lake


DSC_0225 copy

We arrived at the lake Friday evening, after a fun afternoon seeing new places.

DSC_0274 copy





We’ve been lucky to celebrate with our friends, 9 of the 13 birthdays.  We met when our oldest ones were 4, and seen them grow up to be the teenagers they are now it’s been a treat.

DSC_0228 copy DSC_0235 copy

All the kids have grown up.

DSC_0239 copy DSC_0240 copy DSC_0242 copy DSC_0244 copy

Friends, new friends, grandparents, doggies, all are around for a whole weekend.

DSC_0245 copy

DSC_0254 copy

DSC_0227 copy

They play all day long. Running, kicking the ball, the can, swimming, running, walking, laughing… all sounds of summer.

DSC_0255 copy

And of course, there’s The Fire.

DSC_0260 copyOh… so nice.

DSC_0256 copy

Sitting there, chillin’.  Actually wearing up, resting, talking, listening to the kids still run around and play, even in the dark hours.

DSC_0263 copy DSC_0265 copy

And besides all the catching up, the talking, the laughing, the conversations happening by the fire, in the kitchen, around the grill, there’s all the cooking and chopping and slicing of watermelon, and sharing of great foods and drinks in great company.

DSC_0264 copy DSC_0258 copy

With all the delicious foods we all bring and share, I have to admit, when we see these cinnamon rolls made by grandma, coming out of the oven ohhhhh….. there’s silence.

DSC_0284 copy DSC_0285 copy

Oh my.  Silence.  Complete silence.

DSC_0288 copy

Another day comes around, and there is more of the same delicious foods, talks and laughs and swims and boat rides and paddling and company.  What a weekend.

DSC_0277 copy

DSC_0259 copy

DSC_0286 copyOh yes! The views… look at this place, this is what we see while we eat breakfast, or when we get out of our tent, and when we go to sleep… hard to give our backs to.  So we don’t.

DSC_0290 copy DSC_0291 copy DSC_0293 copy

DSC_0299 copy

We can spend all day in the water.  I know we can.

DSC_0301 copy DSC_0309 copy DSC_0310 copy DSC_0311 copyDSC_0306 copy

So, we do our best.

DSC_0322 copy

DSC_0313 copy

DSC_0318 copy

There’s something to do for each one of us.  Besides the swimming, of course.

DSC_0319 copy

DSC_0323 copy

DSC_0325 copy DSC_0340 copy

What a fun weekend it always is.

DSC_0347 copy DSC_0348 copy

Thank you for everything.  We loved it all.

DSC_0335 copy


One thought on “Another party at the lake

  1. Glendie August 28, 2015 / 7:33 am

    What a FUN time!!!!

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