A new camping spot

DSC_0335 copy

Few weeks ago we went camping to a new spot.  Our usual, seemed a little too dry and had a wild fire earlier that made us wondering if that would be a good area to go back to this summer, with no camp fires allowed on campgrounds.

DSC_0331 copy DSC_0333 copy

So we tried a spot the other way. Towards the coast, an area we usually don’t visit.  A friend told us about a place they’ve gone by the Nehalem River so we gave it a try.

DSC_0012 copy DSC_0019 copy DSC_0017 copy DSC_0022 copy DSC_0026 copy

I was surprised at how green it was with the dry summer (and winter) we’ve had.

DSC_0263 copy

But we were pleasantly surprised that yes, we could have a campfire and with it our “wild popcorn.”

DSC_0266 copy DSC_0274 copy DSC_0278 copy DSC_0285 copyAnd of course, s’mores.

DSC_0307 copy DSC_0310 copy

We were by the Nehalem River.  It allowed us to swim and cool of and just have river fun.  I didn’t take pictures where we swam, neither of the ‘swarms of newts’… I have never seen so many newts grouped together like that.  I wish I would have taken my camera with me when we saw them (that’s the time I wish I had a cell phone so I could have taken a picture of.)  We’ll have to go back to see that again.

DSC_0308 copy DSC_0312 copy


DSC_0318 copy

I think the river is very low at this time, so the Nehalem Falls wasn’t much of it.  But still a beautiful view.

DSC_0313 copy DSC_0317 copy DSC_0320 copy DSC_0323 copy DSC_0322 copy

And we were lucky to have found some wild blackberries.

DSC_0315 copy

DSC_0316 copy DSC_0319 copy

Lucas found them and we picked some for breakfast and snack, while camping.

DSC_0292 copyAnd then we picked some more to bring home and used for the Blackberry and Blueberry Galette I made days later.

DSC_0289 copy DSC_0297 copy DSC_0299 copy DSC_0300 copy DSC_0304 copy DSC_0306 copy DSC_0338 copy

It was a fun trip and a pretty place.  We are definitely going back.  We’d love to see how the water level and the wildlife changes in the seasons.  Maybe we can go this fall and see the salmon coming up the river.  I bet it’s a pretty sight.


One thought on “A new camping spot

  1. Glendie August 20, 2015 / 2:40 pm

    Thanks for sharing your new spot. So pretty and looks like you had great fun!

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