His new room

Then one day, when Lucas was gone all day in a fun day of his own, Siena and I decided to re-arrange and clean up his room, since we had just finished the painting and re-do of her room.  Who doesn’t like a little loving, right?

We turned his bed around and added a table that had been put away for a while.  We put new photos of his favorite basketball players in frames (now all gone to another team… oh well.)

DSC_0256 copy

DSC_0262 copy

DSC_0257 copy

Displayed his Legos on the shelf Siena didn’t want anymore.  Hung Lucas’s baseball hats that he’s using with his metal name he made himself when we lived in India, 4 years ago.

DSC_0259 copy

Put an old box as a side table with space for his favorite magazines and books. DSC_0261 copy DSC_0260 copyNow, they both have a new-looking room.  New paint does so much.  We painted and remodeled Lucas’s room two years ago, but these changes made it look like new again.

Now, I need to find the energy to work in the one room that needs painting the most, but it’s not as much fun. Our small bathroom.  It’s been 13 years since we fixed it up last, it’s time, and it would look so much better.  It shouldn’t take very long either, because it’s very small… but oh… it just doesn’t sound as much fun as a room.  I think we might even have enough paint to do it.  You know how easy it would be?  (Yes, I am trying to convince myself.)  We do need a light fixture and maybe a new light switch cover would be exciting!  Yes! I might be ready to tackle it soon.



One thought on “His new room

  1. Glendie July 28, 2015 / 5:36 am

    Great room AND comfy to sleep in !

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