making :: an Ancient Roman Soldier helmet

DSC_1006 copy

As part of our Ancient Rome unit, we made a soldier’s helmet.  We followed the instructions from this book.

DSC_1009 copy DSC_1003 copy

We inflated a balloon. It was hard to guess the size of their heads to make sure it fit but not too big.  We made these twice, and still ended up having them too big for their heads, but they made it work. DSC_1005 copyWe covered the balloons with paper mache.  Instead of making the glue, we used white glue with a bit of water stirred in, to make it thiner.

DSC_1007 copy DSC_1008 copyMade it really smooth and let it dry for a day or two.

DSC_1091 copy Once dried, they popped the balloon.

DSC_1092 copy DSC_1090 copyAnd tried it on.  We cut with scissors around to make it look more like a helmet instead of a turban.

DSC_1103 copy DSC_1105 copyThen we added a plume in the center, on top.

DSC_1106 copy DSC_1107 copyAnd added a cut out paper plate for the neck cover.

DSC_2001 copyThey painted it gray (like metal helmets.)

DSC_2003 copy DSC_2005 copyAnd let it dry overnight.  The plume had to be red, of course.

DSC_2087 copyWe let it dry few hours, and then cut around the ears.

DSC_2086 copy DSC_2085 copyWe then cut a chin cover with different fabrics that I have in my stash.  Siena wanted to use a left over piece from jeans I had used for another project.  And Lucas used an acrylic leather-type piece.

DSC_2091 copy DSC_2094 copyLucas decided to add a tie.  And now they are all ready for their fighting.

DSC_2095 copy DSC_2099 copy DSC_2100 copy DSC_2102 copy

Even though we are done with our Ancient Rome unit, I think they are re-thinking and are wanting to make a shield too.  With these helmets now, a shield is a must.  We’ll see what they come up with.  But for now, these helmets were a fun project to do.


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