our friends gardens in England

DSC_0898 copy DSC_0897 copy DSC_0357 copy DSC_0353 copy DSC_0352 copy DSC_0900 copy DSC_0675 copy DSC_0361 copy DSC_0018 copy DSC_0348 copyThe doves.

DSC_0215 copy DSC_0214 copy DSC_0213 copy DSC_0217 copyOh the flowers they had.  All the colors, the shapes, the shades… so beautiful! DSC_0175 copy

DSC_0142 copy DSC_0107 copy

DSC_0176 copy

DSC_0039 copy DSC_0068 copy

DSC_0061 copy

DSC_0141 copy DSC_0360 copy

When we were in England this summer, we went to see friends we had met in India.  We’ve never been at their house before (they came to see us last year) and the whole time we were there (two weeks) we would find something new, new plants, new flowers, a new corner, something beautiful every single time.

DSC_0355 copy

Lucas of course, fell in love with their chickens.  Oh what a treat it was to get up in the morning for them to go open the coop and see if there were any eggs to bring in.  This guy had a really hard time saying goodbye to them.

DSC_0174 copy

It always is.  But we enjoyed the days while we were there.  Here’s a little tour now, of their vegetable garden.

DSC_0027 copyCome on in with us.

DSC_0028 copy DSC_0076 copy


Right inside this gate, on the left, they have a little pond.  Siena took the job to clean it up.

DSC_0029 copy DSC_0030 copy

They said that they hadn’t heard frogs in a long while, but after Siena’s cleaning for few days, by the time we left, we heard them!

DSC_0069 copy DSC_0167 copy

I hope they are hanging around for them.

DSC_0035 copy

When Mac picked us up at the airport we talked about his garden, since we knew he’s a great gardener.  Siena asked him if he had a greenhouse, because we had just out ours away, before leaving.  Mac answered “No, I only have a poly-tunnel”.  And that was it on that.  I think we all wondered what that was, but we all thought (as we found out later) it was something like this.  But when we arrived at their house and we go see Mac’s garden… we found out.

DSC_0033 copyIt was a much larger “tunnel” than we thought, and also much bigger than our greenhouse.  We laughed.  And enjoyed his tour of his garden.

DSC_0032 copy DSC_0031 copy


DSC_0115 copy


DSC_0091 copy


DSC_0063 copyOh these purple peas they have… so good!  I’d love to find them here now.

DSC_0064 copyWhat a garden. So full and beautiful. Gorgeous really.

DSC_0066 copyTheir apples were a little more ahead than ours at the time.

DSC_0077 copy DSC_0078 copyOh my… sarsaparrilla (in Spanish). Red currants…. so, so good!  We’ve only had them a couple of times here in Portland, when some friends have shared theirs.  I think it was only two years ago that we had some from them.

DSC_0081 copy

Before that, I hadn’t had them since I was a kid.  Growing up I had a friend that lived just two houses down, in a huge house, and they had a very large garden.  They had (what it seemed) like rows and rows of red currants.  We would all go to her house and graze for hours.  This is how it felt at Mac and Ros’s house this summer.  We would just go out to their garden and have a handful of these delicious fruits.  Siena and Lucas loved them too.  There’s something so delicious about picking your own food.  Isn’t it?

DSC_0084 copy

I think we should plant some at home now.  I’m going to talk to the gardeners and will let you know what they think.

DSC_0082 copy DSC_0085 copyThe rest of the garden, so beautiful. Everything growing strong and big, and the food we were lucky to have, so good.  DSC_0086 copy DSC_0120 copyRadishes almost every day, with salt and also with butter.  DSC_0083 copy DSC_0087 copy DSC_0088 copyWe had asparagus too.  DSC_0090 copyAnd beets.  DSC_0093 copySo beautiful! DSC_0097 copy DSC_0100 copy DSC_0103 copy DSC_0109 copy DSC_0094 copy DSC_0112 copy DSC_0110 copy DSC_0118 copyYou are amazing Mac.

DSC_0125 copy DSC_0119 copyDSC_0143 copy DSC_0144 copy DSC_0106 copyWhat a treat it seas to spend those two weeks with them at their house and be able to live with them, and help some.  It was so very special.

DSC_0172 copyWe have new plans for our garden next year.  Mac, do you want to come back next spring and help us plant again?



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