an autumn walk

DSC_0373 copy DSC_0364 copy DSC_0363 copy DSC_0367 copy DSC_0375 copy DSC_0368 copy

We wanted to show these special people of ours the colors of this beautiful place in the fall.  The place we call home.

DSC_0379 copy

DSC_0381 copyAnd you know, everyone knows what to do when you are by a creek.

DSC_0376 copy DSC_0377 copy DSC_0385 copy(No one and nothing was harmed, don’t worry.  Just playing and having fun.)

DSC_0387 copy DSC_0395 copy DSC_0401 copy DSC_0400 copy

How big can it get?

DSC_0388 copy DSC_0389 copy DSC_0390 copy DSC_0391 copy DSC_0392 copy DSC_0405 copyI do this every time.  Thank you my special people.  Thank you for going along with your mama.

DSC_0408 copyAnd because big cousins need to teach their little cousins what to do, this was an important lesson on what do you do when you encounter a puddle.  No matter where you are, what time of day, or time of year, you must go through it.

DSC_0410 copyYup! Barefoot is better.

DSC_0399 copyNature love.

DSC_0416 copyHappy Autumn!


2 thoughts on “an autumn walk

  1. Glendie November 7, 2014 / 7:21 am

    LOVE this!!!

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