carving pumpkins : a picture tutorial

DSC_0027 copy1- Get your pumpkins. Get them, having your design in mind.  

2- Wash the pumpkins. DSC_0028 copy

3- Make your design.  There are lots of inspiration in books and online.

DSC_0029 copy

4- Cut the top of the pumpkins.  Careful with the knives.

5- Pull all the inside guts out.

DSC_0030 copy DSC_0031 copy DSC_0034 copy

6- Keep the seeds.  You can toast them in the oven.

DSC_0036 copy

DSC_0033 copy


7- Draw the design with a marker (not Sharpie, unless you want it to show for the design itself.)

DSC_0041 copy DSC_0043 copy

8- Start cutting out and carving away.

DSC_0046 copy DSC_0047 copy

9- Ta Da!

DSC_0052 copy DSC_0058 copy DSC_0062 copy

10- Place a tea light candle inside, and light it.  Ta da!DSC_0065 copy (with light) DSC_0067 copy(in the dark)  DSC_0068 copy DSC_0123 copyHave fun!



One thought on “carving pumpkins : a picture tutorial

  1. Beulah November 3, 2014 / 9:48 am

    Great job…thks for sharing!

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