Ancient Roman Ruins

We’ve been studying Ancient Rome this fall.  I’m making a list of all the resources we’ve used and will share next week.

We did an activity from this book.  It was fun.

DSC_0017 copy DSC_0014 copy

The recipe is for air drying clay, made with corn starch and salt.  It was easy to make.  The kids did all the measuring and cooking.

DSC_0020 copy DSC_0021 copyThen they put drops of black paint to make it look like marble.

DSC_0022 copyThey made shapes of architecture from that time. They had fun.

DSC_0107 copy


But even after a week it hasn’t dried very well.  It’s still soft.  So it doesn’t stand very well.  But it was fun. They talked about the decorative aspects of the pieces.  How to make it fit each other, how to make them in proportion… all in all a great activity.  But I think next time I’d try a different recipe for a clay.


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