World Unit : Ancient Rome

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The kids, after our trip to Europe this summer, they decided we wanted to study Ancient Rome.  Last year they decided to study Ancient Greece, without knowing much about it, and we ended up having a whole lot of fun with that unit. At that same time we learned about the Percy Jackson books, and since then it has been one book after another, reading and listening to them on CD.  They have learned a lot about the Greek gods and goddesses.  They always ask me “who was so and so’s parents and who was the god of this or that.”  They are doing it to quiz me because they know all of their gods and even though we studied them together I don’t remember much anymore.  That was a whole year ago!  They live it every day in their playing, in the books, in the jokes.  It is fun to listen to them.

So even talking about Ancient Rome it made Siena not want to study them.  She felt that Ancient Romans had just copied her most favorite civilization.  So when we went to Chester while in England for a tour with an Ancient Roman Soldier we knew we were going to get a chance at learning something knew in a much more fun way.  Very hands on, seeing it, hearing it from someone with great passion.  The best way to learn, in my opinion.  And as I wrote in that post few weeks ago, our guide convinced Siena to give the Romans a chance.

DSC_0010 copy

And we had a lot of fun the past few weeks.

As many other units in the past, we like the History Pockets books.  To study Ancient Rome I used both the 1-3 grade level and the 4+ grades and we did all the activities and projects from both of these books.

DSC_0002 copyThis game On the Appian Way was fun to play.

DSC_0011 copy

DSC_0006 copy

DSC_0020 copyAnd learning about the Emperors.

DSC_0007 copyI’m glad we brought these replicas of coins of the first twelve rulers.   From Julius Caesar (49 BC) to Domitian (96 AD.)

DSC_0079 copy DSC_0082 copy

DSC_0022 copyAnd of course, we talked and remembered everything our Roman Soldier in Chester (England) talked about.

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DSC_0427 copy DSC_0424 copyThe shields.  His clothes.  How the soldier’s training was,  what they did on their days off, how the cities were laid, the amphitheaters, oh so much.DSC_0425 copy DSC_0430 copy DSC_0431 copyWe even made a Roman Soldier helmet, that I’ll share later.

These are the books and videos we used in no specific order.

Websites we used:

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And of course, we sent a postcard.

DSC_0103 copyI feel so lucky we were able to have such a wonderful, hands on, fun Ancient Rome history introduction this summer.  It was a fun unit to start our homeschool year.