Whittington Castle, Shropshire in England

DSC_0369 copy DSC_0368 copy DSC_0408 copy DSC_0371 copyOne day our friends took us to see this castle, Whittington Castle, near Oswestry in north Shropshire.

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Whittington Castels is one of a chain of castles in the border with Wales, being the base of defense against them throughout the 1300’s.  Then it became the residence of the Fitz Warin family.

DSC_0373 copy

It is a small and beautiful castle.

DSC_0396 copyWith ducks on the lawn and moat. DSC_0401 copy DSC_0402 copy

DSC_0420 copy

DSC_0398 copy DSC_0404 copy


DSC_0409 copy DSC_0405 copy DSC_0406 copy

So we went for a walk.

DSC_0410 copy DSC_0414 copy DSC_0415 copy


DSC_0435 copy DSC_0432 copyWe crossed the moat.

DSC_0438 copy DSC_0442 copyWalked through what were walls at some point.  DSC_0457 copy DSC_0448 copyMaybe walked through grounds that the iron age men walked on as well.  In this sign you can see the Iron Age Farmstead in the bottom drawing.  And as this sign says:

People have been living on this site for over 2,000 years. The earliest settlement was in the Iron Age and then the site was built on by following generations until in 1,220, it became a large and impressive moated stone castle.

DSC_0446 copyThe remains that we see today are mostly from around 1,200.  You can see better photos from the drawings and how this place changed throughout the yeas, on this page.

DSC_0436 copy DSC_0463 copy DSC_0465 copy DSC_0467 copy DSC_0439 copy DSC_0474 copySiena really wished she could have gone swimming on the moat.  I know she really wanted to.  DSC_0422 copyWhat a treat.  Walking on land that has been used by men and women for 2,000 years.  I can hardly understand that timeline.  And as our friend Ros told us, this castle was for sale for anybody to buy few years ago.  Really! I wonder if we could have turned it into our homestead.  Fun to think about!