the meet

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Yes, the meat of the meet.  (That has to be a saying or a joke, right?) Anyways.  The Swim Meet we went to a couple of weekends ago was the first one of the season, and a fun one.

DSC_0115 copyIt was in Hood River.

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DSC_0120 copyWe were surprised by the change of plans of these three beautiful people, coming to spend the weekend with us in Hood River to be with Siena at her swimming.

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And when you have a cute cousin like this cheering for you on the side or at the end of the pool… it makes it that much more fun.

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This is how I feel every time Siena swims.  Every time she dives, or she’s part of a relay, or when she finishes a lap or two of butterflies, or when she completes 100m freestyle or she does the IM (Individual Medley), or does all the twisting in the turns… I am always in awe of her passion and her love for swimming and her gracefulness.  She’s so driven, so in love with swimming, so in love with the water.  It permeates into everything she does.

DSC_0145 copyAnd we love it.  And we love her.

DSC_0158 copy(And we love these two little guys to0.)

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And I am so glad we can get to spend this time together, and enjoy ourselves.

DSC_0113 copyThere is lots of waiting.  Lots of time in our hands until we wait for Siena to swim.  So we have knitting, sewing, reading, playing, walking, snacking, watching, talking, drawing, grading, and lots of other pastimes.

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But when it’s time to be ready, we are ready for her.


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DSC_0177 copyThe pool seems so long when I stand at the end, waiting for her dive, and then her turns by where we are standing (whichever turns she needs to do… I am just glad she knows which ones she needs for each race.)  But somehow she makes it seem so simple.

DSC_0167 copyI know she’s ready.  She knows it too.  She loves it.  She really loves swimming.

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DSC_0344 copy DSC_0346 copyWe might seem all business some times, but we are not.  We are loving every minute of the race.  Watching her.

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We love watching her and cheer for her.

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She makes it look that simple.

DSC_0171 copyYes, we are here for you.  Waiting with a big warm hug.  Because we know you did your best.  You know that too.  We are proud of your effort. Every. Single. Time.

DSC_0357 copyHappy first swim meet!

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