last week…

DSC_1020 copy

… went to Siena’s first swim meet of this year.

DSC_0089 copy DSC_0091 copyAnd we had so much fun.

… Lucas’s baseball games got cancelled because of the rain that seems to have arrived this fall.  We’ll have to wait until the spring to see him playing again. It’s all good because there’s other fall things going on.

… I received my swap package from Allison from Knitting Nautilus.  The summer swap Amanda from Sweet Potato Claire organized.  Thank you Allison I love all the goodies I received!

DSC_0024 copy… it rained. Oh that rain, I love it.  I was waiting for it.  It is mid-October after all!

… I’m thinking we need to turn the furnace on, and let it warm the house when it needs to. It has been a little chilly, but nothing than a sweater and wool socks can’t help with.  I’m wondering if we can make it ’til the end of the month.  We shall see.

… my mom sent me this picture of this weaving she made for their lake house.  I love the colors.  So warm and bright and beautiful.  I love it!

Photo taken by my mom.

… we met with our most favorite three year old and his parents few times.

DSC_1012 copy

… this little guy and my kids spent a lot of time playing outside and raking leaves.  Fall playing for sure.  They are all loving their cousin time together.

… we spent few hours re-packaging food for families in need at the Oregon Food Bank.  I’m hoping we can go there more often.  It is a fun volunteer job for us to do together.

Photo taken by Angela (Thanks!)
Photo taken by Angela (Thanks!)

… I heard lots of geese flying over our house.  They are going south, I am sure.  The weather though much warmer than I ever remember being at this time of the year, it is changing, and they heading to their new home to keep warm.

DSC_0101 copy DSC_0124 copy DSC_0127 copy

… Siena and I have been making new things for the holiday fairs coming up.  We are excited thinking what would be fun to make for this year.

… found this video.  I like it.

… I set out our autumn decorations.  I just wish I would put them all together in one box, come winter, each year.  I’m always scrambling, re-shuffling, figuring out where I’ve placed them, the precious year.

… I found this picture on Pinterest and I think I want one.

From Pinterest.

I usually don’t have five people drinking tea with me, but wouldn’t it be cool to pour with it?  I think it almost looks like something from Harry Potter.

… I grabbed few sunflowers to enjoy in the house.  I imagine they will be the last ones for a while.

DSC_1019 copy DSC_1021 copy

… I felt lucky to have such a beautiful family.  I do feel that way often, but there are times, days that it seems even more special, more so.  Maybe it’s the spending more time together, getting inside more, less running on our own ways that summer brings… I love it too.  Just right now I am feeling very lucky to have these people living with me, feeling lucky to be together.

DSC_0053 copy

DSC_0338 copy

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