Chester, Cheshire in England : Part 3 : the Roman Village

There is remnants everywhere, and I am sure we didn’t notice it all.

DSC_0019 copyHistorians, guides, teachers, students, always someone sharing something new, stories from thousands of years ago.

DSC_0031 copy DSC_0034 copyWalking through walls built so long ago that is hard to even imagine.

DSC_0039 copyUp through some stairs, to these Rows.

DSC_0052 copyDSC_0043 copyCovered walkways in the main streets of Chester, are in the first floors where there are stores as well.  DSC_0041 copy DSC_0044 copyOverlooking the street.

DSC_0051 copy

DSC_0026 copyEastgate and the Eastgate clock in Chester, is the original entrance to the old Roman fortress Deva Victrix, formed in the year 74 AD.

DSC_0167 copy DSC_0169 copyChester City Walls built to protect the city of Chester, started by the Romans, made out of sandstone. DSC_0172 copyChester Castle from far away.  For another visit, it will have to be.