Lucas was a catcher in the spring games some times.  And he liked it.  He liked all the gear that came with being one, but this time, I think he’s really enjoyed being a catcher and being part of the game.

I’ve learned a lot too.

DSC_0468 copy

DSC_0362 copy DSC_0366 copy

DSC_0364 copy

DSC_0369 copy DSC_0372 copyThe coach has been teaching Lucas so much about being a catcher.

DSC_0387 copy DSC_0388 copy DSC_0401 copy DSC_0409 copy DSC_0414 copy DSC_0415 copy DSC_0417 copy DSC_0418 copy DSC_0422 copy DSC_0423 copy DSC_0424 copy DSC_0426 copy DSC_0430 copy DSC_0431 copy DSC_0435 copy DSC_0439 copy DSC_0440 copy DSC_0452 copyFeedback from the coach every time.  It’s what Lucas has been wanting. DSC_0456 copy DSC_0460 copy DSC_0465 copyHot and tired is a common thing Sunday after the games.  But a happy face goes with that too.

DSC_0016 copy DSC_0020 copy

Catching for his friend (pitching) is something really cool too, as I’ve heard.

DSC_0034 copy DSC_0049 copy

DSC_0090 copy

Here I leave you with the cutest catcher ever.


2 thoughts on “Catching

  1. Beulah October 18, 2014 / 9:53 am

    Thoroughly enjoy seeing the pictures of Lucas playing ball, quite the little adult. Keep them coming!

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