Making :: a swimming quilt

For Siena’s birthday this year, I made a new quilt for her.  I know I had made her one last year with the fabrics from clothes of hers growing up.  But I found this fabric with swimmers and I liked it.  It was a fabric I had been looking for for a while… not the summer-flip-flop-beach-Hawaii-type swimming fabrics that I was able to find in few places.  I was looking for “real” swimming, you know, stroke swimming.  And I found this cool fabric online.

So I gave it to her when we came back from our trip this summer.  But again this year, I only had finished the top part.  She knew my trick from last year.  Top of the quilt a present for her birthday and completed quilt a present for Christmas… Ha!  She was onto me this time.  So I worked hard in finishing it before her first meet, last weekend.  And she likes it a lot.

DSC_0008 copyWith the colors of her team. Red and blue.

DSC_0009 copy DSC_0011 copy

Water bubbles (fabric) all around.

DSC_0012 copy DSC_0013 copyAll kinds of stroke and swimmers.  She loves it.  I thought it would be a quilt we can use at the meets, to sit on.  But it has been taken to her room, on her bed instead, right away.  Too nice to use to sit on, I was told.  Not a bad change of plans I guess.  It is her gift after all!

I really liked the fabric design of the swimmers and now I am searching for more swimmer fabrics.  And of course, now I know of this store.  Oh my!

But first, I have another quilt started (that is about a year overdue), and a couple more on the plans.  Not sure I can make them happen for this year’s holidays, but it’s not like we are short on blankets or quilts around this house.  We’ll see what I can make happen.  For now, we have a happy little swimmer all curled up under her new swimming quilt.