Chester, Cheshire in England : Part 1

DSC_0820 copyWelcome to Chester, on the border with Wales.DSC_0822 copy DSC_0823 copyWe parked right across the street from the Castle. DSC_0824 copyAnd across the street from the Chester Raceway.  DSC_0829 copy  DSC_0831 copy DSC_0832 copy

DSC_0830 copy

Then we kept on walking.

DSC_0836 copy DSC_0837 copyThis city is right along the River Dee. DSC_0840 copy DSC_0841 copy DSC_0842 copy DSC_0843 copyDSC_0846 copyThis is the Queen’s School.  A private school for girls.DSC_0847 copy DSC_0849 copy DSC_0852 copy DSC_0857 copy

DSC_0867 copy DSC_0868 copy

DSC_0864 copy

DSC_0914 copyRight. Starbucks in England.  In a place that used to be a Roman Village. They are everywhere!  Even in these Tudor buildings.DSC_0917 copy

DSC_0919 copy DSC_0931 copyMy goodness.  The buildings.  I fell totally in love with them.

DSC_0942 copyCan you tell?

DSC_0936 copy DSC_0949 copy

I wonder if I moved there, I would still find these cities and buildings as gorgeous.  So wonderfully beautiful.  I am so happy we got to go.