last week or two…

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… we celebrated with friends.

… found these pictures on Pinterest and followed the link to this chai recipe.  Autumn is meant to drink Chai.  Or is it the other way around? Is Chai meant to be drunk in Autumn?  Maybe it’s both ways.

… we grilled outside another few meals.

… had a weekend that seemed like summer days, hot and sunny and mostly spent out of doors in shorts, t-shirts and bare feet.

… I keep looking at the weather wondering if the weather will change.  It’s been such a beautiful fall so far, filled with sunshine and warmth.

… we watched a movie with friends again.  We have to before the rain comes.  We watched Chicken Run this time.  It’s been many years since Mark and I saw it.  I think we did before we had kids.

… our dear friends brought us a special delicatessen.  A jar of flavored salt from a local company in Portland.  She thought of me and my popcorn.  Isn’t it nice? I think I’ll have to keep it for a small batch of popcorn, not these 8-batch movie nights.  She might have to stop to have lunch with me one day and enjoy my popcorn with this special salt.  Yum! I can’t wait to try it.

… noticed the trees turning color.  I love to see the different oranges, yellows and reds… I love fall. I certainly do and all that makes it.

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… I cleaned and dusted the shelf in the kitchen, and the books and jars with herbs and teas.  Autumn, here we come.  We are ready for meals, teas, and all those fall season specials.

… enjoy watching this pumpkin sitting on our porch.  It is so cute.  We’ll have to keep the seeds and see if we can grow them next year.  I better not touch them just in case my brown thumb does any damage. DSC_0010 copy

… had our little nephew over for the movie night and few meals and playing.  It’s always a lot of fun to see him.  We are getting used to seeing him few times a week and living in the same city.  We love it!  We totally love it.  There’s quite a few years or cousin-ness and aunt-ness we need to catch up with! I feel lucky.

… found this list of the Top 50 Cities to Visit.  I wonder if I should print it out.

… Lucas started with swimming as well.  He’s excited and it seems that he’s gotten a lot better since last spring.  He looks so tiny in that pool, and then so big at the same time.

… on our way back from dropping Lucas off, Siena  and I rode our bikes in the bike trail by the river, and as we were admiring the beautiful and quiet morning, and how low the river is right now, we saw two foxes in the island just few yards away.  It is far enough but close enough to have seen them.  What a way to start our day.  This is only the second time in my days here in Oregon (in 20 years) that I’ve seen foxes.  So beautiful.

… Went to the Greek Festival again this year.  We went last year and knew we were going for the foods.  Yup! Delicious lunch and snack indeed.  And I can’t believe I didn’t take my camera… we just went to have lunch I guess.

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… Siena had an extra swim practice and we are looking forward to her first meet of the season coming up.

… we ate a delicious dinner made by Mark on Saturday.  I should have taken a picture but I didn’t.  It was so good I completely forgot and we enjoyed.  We usually don’t eat red meat, but this steak was so good.

… I finished Siena’s birthday present quilt.  I’ll share more later.

… autumn seemed to have regressed and turned into summer for few days.  But the cooler temperatures in the evening give it away and are much welcomed.

… I sewed a little, but not much.  I need to get on a rhythm again.  It’s been hard to get used the routine this fall.  Lots of changes in our lives, I think.

… I organized my idea folders and loose papers.  It’s like my hands on Pinterest that really needed help.

… the autumn colors are arriving home.

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