Continuing history, our tour with a Roman Solider

DSC_0902 copySo we continued our tour with this Roman Soldier (from Chicago), Brian.

DSC_0951 copy DSC_0953 copyWe should have gone inside.  Next time we visit Chester. DSC_0958 copyWe saw q few school groups doing the tour with a Roman Soldier.  What an amazing way to learn history, your own history, right in your own back yard.  DSC_0960 copy DSC_0961 copy DSC_0962 copy DSC_0966 copy DSC_0968 copy DSC_0969 copy DSC_0970 copy DSC_0971 copy DSC_0974 copy DSC_0980 copy DSC_0975 copy DSC_0983 copyThis is what amazes me. Built between the year 74 AD and 96 AD.  I can’t even imagine what it was 1,940 years ago. Really?  I’m touching, walking, and seeing remnants of buildings (structures) that are 1,940 years old and the actual Romans built them and lived here?  Astonishing!

I hace one more set of pictures that I will share next week.  We just had so much fun.  Thank you Brian for a wonderful tour.  We learned so much and had a lot of fun.