with the big kids

Lucas got to play a game with the big kids last week.  Some of them a foot taller than him, others just few inches.  But you know, those kids that have two digit birthdays.  And Lucas thought about it, and thought about it for few days after his invitation from the coach.  We watched a game they were playing after his game the previous week.  And he decided he wanted to give it a try.

Two of them, with different hats, the younger players, invited to play with the big kids.  DSC_0139 copy DSC_0140 copyThey all look the same when you look down. Right?

DSC_0141 copyBut it didn’t matter.  it was about playing and having fun, and learning on the way.

DSC_0150 copy DSC_0151 copyHe game me one look back, as he’s warming up for batting.  I could almost hear his little heart speaking “I’m OK Mamá.  I’m OK.”  But maybe it was just me thinking.  Because he did just fine. DSC_0159 copy DSC_0011 copyAnd Mark was there too, helping, coaching the bases and the dug out.

DSC_0099 copyIt’s just a game, and it’s been fun games for sure.


2 thoughts on “with the big kids

  1. Beulah October 8, 2014 / 7:00 am

    Wow, good job Lucas!

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