dinner with old friends

I wrote about Mark going to visit Ellesmere College in Shropshire, England, while we were visiting there last June.  The day Mark went to see the school and hung out with another Physics teacher, he also met two students he had met, and that he had, while he was teaching in India, at Scindia School.

DSC_0316 copy

DSC_0318 copy

Ros, invited these students over for dinner.  They remembered Lucas and Siena (and us) but that was three years ago.  I’m thinking Lucas was probably wearing the same shirt though…. he owns like 5 of these same ones (different sizes), of the soccer team from Chile, because their Oma and Tata sent him a few.  Yes, Lucas’s request.

DSC_0370 copyYup! Here’s one.  Three years ago. In India, also with Ros and our friend Sujata.  Oh wow… I love looking at our photos from India.  The kids were so small they seem so much bigger now.  I guess Lucas will be the same age than Siena was when we arrived in India. Crazy!

DSC_0320 copy

Anyways.  Mac and Ros invited our old (young) friends from Scindia and prepared an Indian dinner.  I wish I would have taken pictures of the plates… oh it was so good! DSC_0325 copy DSC_0327 copyThe kids all helped make chapatis.  DSC_0336 copy DSC_0339 copyIt makes me think we need to make some now at home.  They turned out so good! DSC_0330 copy DSC_0333 copy DSC_0334 copyAnd we all had fun making them. DSC_0340 copyYum!

DSC_0315 copyAnd of course, there was playing outside too.

DSC_0342 copy DSC_0344 copy DSC_0345 copyHere we are all together.  As if we were all in India again…. only not as hot I guess.  Thank you for another beautiful evening, and for more memories.