lunch at the moat

DSC_0247 copy DSC_0248 copy

One delicious meal we had while in England visiting our friends (yet another delicious meal we had) was at a restaurant called The Moat Shed.

DSC_0245 copy DSC_0249 copy

Siena and Mac rode their bikes, because it wasn’t too far from their house.

DSC_0238 copy DSC_0239 copy

When we arrived, we saw so much nature, so much beauty and again, so much history.

DSC_0254 copy DSC_0257 copy DSC_0264 copy DSC_0267 copy DSC_0271 copy DSC_0275 copy DSC_0268 copy

It is one of only two double moated historic site, from somewhere between the 1250 and 1350.  Moated sites were built throughout England in the medical times, and vary in sizes and forms.  They are believe they were built to show status more than for defense.

DSC_0274 copy DSC_0281 copy

They don’t know the kind of building that was built on this site, but there is still research being done.  It is a moat within another large moated enclosure. The building set in the middle of the moat was made out of wood from the forest of this area, that is why it no longer exists.

DSC_0283 copy DSC_0285 copy DSC_0287 copy DSC_0288 copy DSC_0289 copyWe played Jenga with these huge pieces of wood.  That was fun!DSC_0312 copyBut look at this picture.  I am not sure why there is a wood piece flying in the air.  Lucas is no so sure about it… it looks funny though, as if it would have come out all on its own… doesn’t it?

DSC_0310 copy DSC_0308 copy DSC_0304 copy

After playing outside, we headed indoors.  What a fun and beautiful place.  I loved it!  And all the details were great.  like this trunk with blankets to borrow if you were sitting outside.  There were shovels as curtain rods.  The bathroom had other fun decorating surprises and something I thought was a great idea.   Sharing the sink to wash your hands, from both men and women’s bathroom.  Really!  Do we need sinks in both bathrooms?

But why we came for.  Lunch.

DSC_0303 copy DSC_0291 copy DSC_0293 copy Delicious foods.

DSC_0297 copyOh the relishes! I need to make some before the harvest season is over.  I need to do that this week I think.  Give a recipe a try. Yes! I’ll search that.

DSC_0296 copy DSC_0300 copy

But yes.  The food so good and the special touches and details so beautiful and simple, naturally done.  I loved it!


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