turning 12

This year, it was Siena’s turn to celebrate her birthday somewhere else besides home.  Overseas to be more specific. DSC_0191 copy Lucas turned 6 when we were in India.  I also celebrated my birthday in India that year, and of course, if we are talking about celebrating a birthday in another country than where we were born… I’ve celebrated 20 of them here in the Pacific Northwest.  But that doesn’t really count.  Home for me is here now, and I can count India as my overseas celebration. No problem. Mark has been in Chile for quite a few of his birthdays too.  But not recently though, so maybe we need to put that one up in our to do list next. DSC_0810 copyWe woke up to a twelve year little (big) girl. DSC_0811 copy DSC_0812 copyI took her crown with us.  Of course I did.  DSC_0814 copyShe is the same little sweet girl of always. DSC_0815 copy   We celebrated with a special trip that day that I’ll share soon, because it was a fun day. When we returned home, we had (another) delicious meal and a cake to celebrate with. DSC_0186 copy DSC_0187 copyCelebrating of course, with two very special friends of ours. It couldn’t have been more special, the turning of another year.  DSC_0190 copyWith our own wobbly hand made dipped beeswax candle Siena and Lucas made few years ago. DSC_0193 copy DSC_0192 copyA beautiful surpass indeed. DSC_0197 copyCan it get any better than celebrating with dear, wonderful friends, in a new equally beautiful, new place? What a gift on itself. DSC_0199 copy DSC_0200 copy DSC_0202 copy DSC_0203 copyAnd who doesn’t like a cake to finish one’s birth day? DSC_0208 copy And of course, balloons, can make the evening even better of course.  Thank you Mac for such a sweet and special touch.  She was our birthday girl that day.  And we know she’ll remember this birthday forever. DSC_0212 copy DSC_0216 copy Ah! Two more treats we can’t forget about.  We gave Siena the movie Frozen, as I’m sure you’ve all hear and seen probably.  We have seen it few times.  But now, this birthday girl owns the movie.  One of the few movies we own.  (The other one is Brave, a different kind of princess.)   So we watched the movie in front of the computer (because it was a DVD from the US it wouldn’t work in their TV) because Ros and Mac hadn’t seen the movie.  And it was the perfect way to end our (little) big girl’s birthday celebration. DSC_0221 copyAnd the next day, Siena and Ros worked on the puzzle they gifted Siena.  They wrote the birth places of our friends, and their three sons, and where they all live today.  A fun way to remember a very special family that welcomed us with their arms and hearts open at their home, but also helped us celebrate Siena and her birthday, miles and miles away from our own home. I think we are all going to remember her turning 12.


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