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This week was Tomato Week.  I guess, it’s been Tomato Week for a while though.  And autumn arrived to our side of the world on time, with what the calendar says.  I love the feeling of it.  I am ready for it.

Following Heather’s blog hop (from Beauty That Moves) with what’s been happening at our home, I share here with you.

“A weekly collection of photos from the center of my home.”       — Heather

DSC_0176 copyTomatoes have been canned, and I think with 30 quarts we might make it through the winter until next tomato season.  This is the first time we’ve canned only our tomatoes.  All the other years, 18 other gardens, have never yield this many. W e are excited.

DSC_0008 copyThe compost is full.

DSC_0003 copy DSC_0001 copy

Yesterday was the first cold day in months.  Yesterday I felt like having the oven on was OK.  So I made some bread, the first one in many months.  it feels good to be baking bread again.

DSC_0013 copy

And because we had homemade, warm, crusty bread, we had to have soup.  We had some beans that got away from our radar, and got too big to eat them in a salad.  So I shelled them, and made this soup.  I adopted the recipe from here. I used purple carrots and it made the soup this pretty purplish color we all liked.  Changed few things, with what I had on had, and it turned out good.  It was a good day for a soup.

DSC_0006 copyAnd with the rest of the tomatoes I made Heather’s Summer Salsa.  We haven’t tried it yet.  I canned it last night, they’ve cooled off all last night and I’m thinking we’ll have to wait to give it a try.  Nine pints of I’m sure delicious summer surprise, waiting for us. I love it!

DSC_0007 copy DSC_0012 copy

There are too many tomatoes in our fridge and on our counter and in the plants, to eat a canned one.  I think I’ll have to search for a fresh salsa recipe maybe, and give that a try with few of our tomatoes.  Or maybe it’s roasted tomatoes to freeze… mmm… any suggestions on how you are preserving your tomatoes this season?

Thanks for stopping by.  Do go to Heather’s blog and check everyone’s kitchen during the past week.  I am sure it will inspire you! Have a great Thursday my friends.


10 thoughts on “this week in my kitchen :: blog hop

  1. Glendie September 25, 2014 / 7:16 am


  2. Erin September 25, 2014 / 5:12 pm

    So envious of all that’s going on in your kitchen! I’m hoping to be making more soups soon (love soup), but it keeps getting up into the 80s on the weekends right now! Ergh. Got to learn to make bread by hand this fall/winter, too, if I get the chance. Life’s a bit crazy right now. Thanks for sharing…such great pictures and delicious food!

    • NaturallyFunDays : Marcela September 25, 2014 / 11:26 pm

      Hi erin. Thank you for stopping by. Bread making is very easy, it just takes some planning in your day, but so worth it! You should give it a try when you can. Have a great weekend.

  3. amanda September 25, 2014 / 5:42 pm

    I LOVE Heather’s salsa recipe- we made a few batches and it is just delicious!
    I am way impressed by growing enough tomatoes to can 30 quarts! go you!

    • NaturallyFunDays : Marcela September 25, 2014 / 11:25 pm

      Hi Amanda. Yes, we are excited for all the tomatoes. And I’m loving looking for new recipes to preserve them. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Debby Emadian September 25, 2014 / 11:32 pm

    This all looks so good Marcela. You had a great harvest. Everything always tastes so much better when it’s home grown, don’t you think?

    I’ve been making sauce with tomatoes that our neighbours keep bringing to us, roasted in olive oil, added to sautéed red onion, garlic, a little celery and mushrooms, sea salt and crushed black pepper seasoning. I’ve only used it fresh but I’m sure that poured steaming hot into sterilised jars that it would preserve well. Or you could freeze it. With a little vegetable stock it would make a great tomato soup too.

    I can almost smell your warm bread it looks amazing. I really must go and get some breakfast my tummy is rumbling a concerto at the moment looking at all this lovely food!

    • NaturallyFunDays : Marcela September 25, 2014 / 11:46 pm

      Hi Debby. Thank you for your comment. Yes, we are really enjoying our harvest.
      I was thinking of trying some kind of roasted tomato sauce, I like the idea of adding celery and onions. This might be my project for the weekend. I’d like to can it, so I’ll search how to do that. Thanks!
      I went to see your blog and loved your kitchen too! All the food looks so good. The turkey meatballs I might have to try soon. I’ve been meaning to make meatballs for a long time now. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

      Also, I noticed you are from Oxford. We went to England and France this summer. I’ve been posting our travels for a long while now, and on our way to France we stopped in Oxford for few hours. Not long enough, so we’ll have to go back some day. The Oxford post will probably come in a couple of weeks!
      Thanks for coming to visit me here in this little space. Have a great weekend.

  5. Joy September 26, 2014 / 10:27 am

    I’m the same way about soup…it is practically a written rule at our house that soup and bread must go together and I always get fussed at by the kids if I don’t make any! Guess I better find some gluten free recipes for that ASAP, huh. Thank you for reminding me. I’m insanely jealous of your tomato harvest. Our garden was a complete bust this year so I’ve had to do a lot of farm-stand and pick-you-own bargains to make things up.

    • NaturallyFunDays : Marcela September 26, 2014 / 1:28 pm

      Hi Joy. Yes, bread is a must. I love it and happy that cooler days are here. Though we had a great summer, we give it credit for our wonderful garden we had this year. We are loving everything coming our way. I hear them talking with big plans for next year’s planting. I love it!
      Thank you for coming to visit this little space of ours. Have a great weekend!

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