last week…

Last week was a great one.

… it rained.  Yes! It rained for two days.  It felt so good.

DSC_0006 copy

DSC_0027 copy

… and the weekend was also really hot.  95 on Saturday.  95F for a late weekend in September? Seems a little too much.  But hey! I’ll take it because we were able to go to the river to swim just one more time.  I feel like I am ready now for the fall now though.

DSC_0130 copy

… we picked so many tomatoes and tried to keep them from splitting with said rain. I think we are good for the winter months with all of our canning.  Tomatoes and tomato sauce are in the pantry shelves.  It looks so pretty.  I love it.

… we actually have been harvesting every day something.

DSC_0007 copy DSC_0004 copy

These beans have grown up to our roof.  The kids are safely picking up there.  They always do it when either Mark or I are around, don’t worry.   The helmet here is being worn because it was a break from bike riding.  Not because they actually need the helmet…

… we had grandma visiting with a friend of hers we’ve met before. That’s always fun.

… I found this article on the NY Times: “Steve Jobs Was a Low-Tech Parent“.

… we bought some really cool pumpkins at the market this weekend.  Never seen them before.  So warty and funny.  We are keeping those seeds! Oh yes.  And with these, we are welcoming autumn.  Almost perfect to the date.  Autumn Equinox.  OK, we have the pumpkins in the house, I am ready for fall to come.

… we cleaned some more, got the winter clothes out, and passed Siena’s clothes to Lucas, and found what fits Siena from hand me downs we still have some. I think this is the last for her though.  But they are both wearing almost the same size.  I think it helps that Siena likes them a little tight, and Lucas likes them a little loose.  Some drawers and closets were cleaned out and switched a little.  But some hot days are still coming.  We’ll still leave those shorts and skirts in there.  We might need to wait to wear the sweaters.

DSC_0040 copy

… while cleaning I found few clothes that are more sentimental than something I wear often.  This mañanita is a cardigan of sorts (no bottoms) that my Lita knitted me (my dad’s mom) a very long time ago.  I think I must have been Siena’s age probably.  She wore it for a little bit probably for me to enjoy seeing her with it.

DSC_0039 copy

… I’m thinking more about knitting and future projects.  I think fall is coming.  It feels that way.  It cools off at night and in the mornings feels chilly.  Wonderfully refreshing.

… I thought of this article and this post I did last year. The letter from John Steinbeck to his son on Falling in Love, from 1958. Love it.

… I found a copy of Bella Grace magazine.  So beautiful, the photography and the articles I am really enjoying.  A lazy morning, few minutes longer tucked under the covers… thank you Mark.

DSC_0053 copy

… we are thinking about the winter fair we like to go to, and I think it is our 5th year, and we are thinking and making new things.  It’s always exciting, especially now that Siena especially can do a lot more of the getting ready and buying of supplies.  A great business and math unit as a side effect.  Perfect!

… I got some flowers to spread around the house.  Yes. I love flowers on the tables.

… and we are still using our summer blanket.  Some days we need a second one but we are still holding on to warm nights.

DSC_0054 copy

… cleaned the yard a little, since the rain was coming.  Makes me think of putting things away and asleep for the next few months.  We need to see what we’ll do with our outside table.  It is not doing well.  Needs lots of help.

… oh the skies… I can almost hear it.  Sighing, waiting for the season to turn.   But I do hear the geese flying by though… yes, they are getting ready too.

DSC_0174 copy

… found this letter and this picture on this site.


… Lucas played another baseball game.

DSC_0147 copy

Grandma, cousin, aunt, family, friends, we all got to see him play (and our friends play).  It was a beautiful summer-like day.  And we were in the shade.  Lucas pitched nicely.  He had fun playing.  We had fun watching.  DSC_0151 copy DSC_0160 copy

Here we are all of his fans for this day. DSC_0167 copy

Lucas pitched first inning.  Here I am with my way-too-big-for-me-baseball-lingo… He struck them all out, no walks.  I learned today this was good.  Here you can see my little guy pitching to a friend of his at the beginning of the game.

And later on in the game.  Same two friends.

Things at the end always even out, right?   So much fun to see them having fun.  Love it!

… Siena has been swimming and doing dry land practices too (no pictures yet.)  More water is coming our way.  Not in the form of showers (though I am sure they will come too) but in practices and swim meets.  We are getting ready for them all.  It’s going to be a fun swim season.

… found this on Pinterest.

Found on Pinterest.

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