Shrewsbury, Shropshire in England : part 1

DSC_0352 copyShrewsbury, at 72,000 population is the second largest city in Shropshire.  In this map you can see the Severn River.  The longest river in the UK.

DSC_0307 copyOur friends took us there to see the city.  Besides I had trouble with our laptop we took.  On our third day in London, I plugged our computer in the hotel room, with the adapter we took, and it blew the fuses in the room.  Not sure it was the computer’s fault… hmmm suspicious though.  But no matter… it damaged the cable.  So here I was with emails to check and send a we arrived safely email and wanting to check with my parents who were on a month long trip in Europe themselves.  Our paths didn’t cross, but at least we were almost in the same time zone.  But my computer had no more memory.  My cable was dead.  Ros’s computer is a newer one so her ply didn’t work either.  So, funny enough, the trip to this big city, was to go to the apple store and check on cables.  It wasn’t in my list of places to visit while in England, but hey!  I’m glad there was as one there.  But on our way to the Store, we saw so much.

DSC_0308 copyShrewsbury Abbey.

DSC_0312 copy DSC_0315 copy DSC_0316 copyShrewsbusry, about 20 minutes south of Wem, the town where our friends live.

DSC_0319 copy DSC_0321 copy

DSC_0697 copy

DSC_0322 copySevern River.

DSC_0323 copy DSC_0324 copyThis town, Shrewsbury, founded in the year 800 AD.  Medieval times. DSC_0329 copy DSC_0330 copy DSC_0334 copyBut not in London.  What? Confusing, isn’t it!

DSC_0335 copyThe House of Needlework.  Nope, I didn’t go in.  Next time.

DSC_0342 copy

I stayed outside looking at these buildings.  Oh the constructions… it is fascinating!

DSC_0356 copy DSC_0358 copyI love the names of the streets.  They are so descriptive and I can imagine what store it was hundreds of years ago.  That way I wouldn’t get lost.  Love it!

DSC_0348 copyOh my… all the tudor buildings… I took so many pictures of them.  Love them!

DSC_0362 copyTudor construction is from the Tudor Times, around the mid 1400’s until the 1600’s.  With timber framings.  So much history, everywhere you look.

DSC_0363 copy DSC_0360 copy DSC_0367 copyThe differences.  Brick and wood.

DSC_0369 copy DSC_0373 copy DSC_0374 copy DSC_0375 copy DSC_0376 copy DSC_0380 copy  I should have gone that Thursday with my knitting.  DSC_0383 copy DSC_0387 copy DSC_0388 copy DSC_0394 copy DSC_0395 copy DSC_0399 copy DSC_0400 copyThe streets and sidewalks are so narrow.  Everything, the roads, the streets, very small.  I remember our friends saying how spacious it was all here in Oregon, when they were visiting last year.  Yes, it does feel that way.

DSC_0422 copy

But as they said, they are limited in land.

DSC_0405 copy

The Market Hall was closed that day we went to Shrewsbury. It was where we were going to have lunch, but maybe another time.

DSC_0430 copy

DSC_0406 copyFor now, we’ll keep on walking.  Seeing new things in this new city.  We love it!

DSC_0417 copy DSC_0419 copy DSC_0415 copy DSC_0421 copy DSC_0423 copyKeep on walking.




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