I am not a car person.  At all.  I do know some brands and styles, but by no means, I’d say I know my cars.  Far from it, I should say.



But we heard of a Morgan.

DSC_0007-small DSC_0011-small DSC_0013-smallWhen we were in India together (three years ago) we heard from Mac his Morgan was being built. He was going to go get it soon after he returned home from our stay in India. So he got updates and emails once in a while, and we got to see his car online.

DSC_0014-small DSC_0015-smallWe received a picture in our email inbox one day soon after we returned from our trip overseas, of Mac in his car at home.  It was exciting to see him in it.  And then he invited us to come and take a ride with him.

DSC_0016-smallLittle did we know that just two short years later, we’d be standing right next to him, and some of us riding in the famous red Morgan.  The MacMobile.

DSC_0099-small DSC_0103-smallIt is a treat really.  When else do you get to wear these cool goggles to ride a car?

DSC_0102-small DSC_0105-small DSC_0107-small DSC_0106-small DSC_0115-small DSC_0114-small

A three wheel car?

DSC_0109-small DSC_0113-small

Yet another wonderful memory from our trip to England this past summer.


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