take a hike


We did. Yes, we went for a little hike up the creek.

DSC_0046-small DSC_0053-smallNot far up, we found this rock.

DSC_0055-smallThe biggest petrified wood we have ever found.  We left it there, and kept going on our hike.

DSC_0050-smallFound mushrooms of all sizes, colors and shapes.

DSC_0054-smallA beautiful leaf it caught Lucas’s eye.  It reminded me of autumn, that it is coming.

DSC_0048-smallFallen logs.

DSC_0058-smallRoots.  Just look at these roots!

DSC_0062-smallA heart shape rock.

DSC_0063-smallI love hiking up on the creek.

DSC_0061-smallGetting muddy is not too bad when you have water running next to you.

DSC_0059-small DSC_0066-smallAnd when you find surprises like these… what a treat it is.

DSC_0068-small DSC_0070-smallSpores.  A science experiment?  A science lesson at least, and something they won’t forget.

DSC_0077-smallTrees taller than anything around.  How many years? What do they tell from years of standing by this river bed?

DSC_0074-small DSC_0073-smallA collection to bring home.  And a backpack with the airline name tag, because it reminds us of our travels last month.

DSC_0117-smallLunch in nature always seem so much better.  Doesn’t it? After swimming in the creek, after a hike, sitting on a huge log.

DSC_0087-smallA little present from Lucas given with the biggest smile, in his little hands like the most wonderful found treasure. And yes it is.  Thank you.  I love you too my little guy. 

DSC_0108-smallOh… his laugh I can hear it as I watch this photo.

DSC_0111-smallHis voice, his eyes, his love. I can feel it.

DSC_0095-smallHer cute face.  I can see it even with my eyes closed.


DSC_0130-smallTreasures.  Memories.  I love them all.



One thought on “take a hike

  1. Glendie September 3, 2014 / 8:18 am

    So nice. Almost like your readers went along for the adventue!!!

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