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Crossing over to Washington to our first camping trip of the summer made me realize that camping is what makes our summers be summers.  Not that other trips are not exciting but for some reason, camping means summer to us.

DSC_0013-small DSC_0020-small DSC_0021-smallSo, before Mark went back to work yesterday (sigh)we headed out to the woods.  We’ve been going to this spot for more than 8 years.  It’s not too far from home, and we can always find peace, beautiful sights, a little cooler weather, and of course, a camp site we enjoy.  DSC_0015-smallThe kids have grown up, and each time I see how different the camping is.  It always turn into something new, for the most part, it’s getting easier and it’s always fun.

DSC_0022-small Lucas and Siena take care of the fire, in the evenings and in the mornings.  Lucas loves starting the fire, but it has to be without matches.  He’s really good at it too.  He takes his flint and steel most places we go and starts a fire every time.

DSC_0023-smallAnd there’s one of us who keeps things organized.  Thank goodness!  (Even with purple toe nails you can go camping, of course)

DSC_0014-smallThese trees I’m sure have seen so many days and many more stories.  I wonder what it’s like when the snow starts to fall, and there is no one to enjoy their shade, their sounds, their ruffling and hushing of the leaves with the breeze.  I wonder what happens here in the winter.  We enjoy the quietness of our weekday camping trips, but I can only imagine what it must be like in November or January.  I know everything must get covered with snow.  I bet it does.

DSC_0040-smallWe found a recipe to make these cinnamon sugar cakes, cooked on a stick last year, and this one was a must for this trip.  As was the popcorn of course.


We were gone for a month in our trip to Europe, and then we were catching up with the garden, apples, and everything a house requires.  But we wanted to go visit a favorite place of ours.  And I am so glad we did.

DSC_0027-small DSC_0154-smallWe played a new game.

DSC_0148-small DSC_0150-smallAnd we played until there was not enough light to see the pieces.

DSC_0041-smallWe found beautiful, amazing things.


DSC_0160-small DSC_0121-smallWe found peace…

DSC_0126-smalland restful times.

DSC_0135-smallWe found time to work together.  You have to when you are out camping, right?  It’s more fun and easier for everyone.

DSC_0143-small We ate and we shared.  We nourished ourselves in many levels.


DSC_0142-smallThis tree stump and log seemed so much bigger few years ago.

DSC_0163-smallI love this sign, and the fact that it is A Handshake Agreement,  from 1932.

DSC_0165-smallWe of course, obliged.  Because it’s an agreement we need to respect, and because it’s history.

DSC_0164-small DSC_0171-small DSC_0173-small

And it is a topic we talk about every single time we come here to pick huckleberries.  And I love how it has changed from year to year, as they grow up and learn and think more of their thoughts on history and people.  I love to see how they’ve changed in their way of thinking and learning history along the way.

DSC_0176-small DSC_0178-smallSurprises are everywhere.

DSC_0181-smallHuckleberries are so delicious and a real treat.  Especially when freshly picked.  And though we had few bowls to keep them in, we had to taste them and make sure our tongues were tingly from the sourness of these fruits.  Ah…. a real summer treat.

DSC_0183-smallAnd yes, please do look at this picking bucket.  It was turned into a hanging bucket especially designed for picking berries by my kids.  I think Siena made it maybe 4 years ago?  And it is kept safe during the years, until it comes out to the light of springs and summers.  Ready to be filled, with whatever fruits these little hands can reach.  It is simple things like this, that make me smile.  That make our family, and our traditions, that make our stories.

DSC_0192-smallWhile picking in these Huckleberries fields , it makes me think that maybe there’s a bear watching us.  Wondering what kind of creatures are we that we can stand like them, but have all sorts of colors, and a special pouches for our food, maybe more like a kangaroo.  What are we doing with their food anyways.  We are sharing dear bear.  We are certainly leaving you enough, and some more for the birds and squirrels and chipmunks.

But this time, we only found a bear bell in there.  And of course a whole bunch of huckleberries! A real treat.

DSC_0197-smallAnd a cricket.

DSC_0186-small DSC_0189-small DSC_0190-smallWe also found these colorful flowers.

DSC_0203-smallAnd a tiny tree frog that seemed hot and lost.  But we left him there.  I bet it knows where it needs to go.

DSC_0205-smallBut oh this drive.  This is Mt Adams, which we don’t get to see very often, from Portland.

DSC_0213-smallA beautiful sight.  Isn’t it?

DSC_0210-smallA grouse (photo taken by Mark.) 

DSC_0216-small DSC_0218-smallA new found lake, a new possible camping spot.  We kept driving towards home.

DSC_0219-small DSC_0224-smallWe went through a lava bed.  And after a little while from here, we turned into a corner on the road, and we found a black bear walking on the road.  Oh my!  How I wish we could have had our camera ready, or more like, have thought of taking a picture of it.  But then, we wouldn’t have paid attention to it as much.  We would have missed this chance of seeing this black bear right in front of us.  And how special is that!  The first time Lucas has seen a black bear.  Siena had seen one with us when she was tiny, so she doesn’t remember that time.  This one on the other hand, a story that will be told.

DSC_0226-smallAnd just like that, we then find two deer on the road.  A couple.  Not very worried about us driving a little closer, though I was being very careful and quiet.

DSC_0228-small DSC_0229-small DSC_0233-small DSC_0234-smallAnd after a day like that, we have to top it off with an ice cream.  Because when you drive by here, you just have to stop.

Maybe we’ll get to do another camping trip  before the rain starts.  But I think for now, even if this is it for this summer, it was a very memorable camping trip for sure.  


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  1. Glendie August 26, 2014 / 5:51 am

    SO NICE~~

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