Stokesay Castle, Shropshire


On our way back from Ludlow, we stopped at Stokesay Castle.  It was 4pm and they were closing, so we only got to see it from outside.  But still the sights are beautiful and fun to think we are standing in front of our second castle of the day.

DSC_0896-small DSC_0850-small DSC_0853-small DSC_0854-smallThe north tower of the castle.

DSC_0889-small DSC_0890-smallThe moat of the castle.

DSC_0855-small Stokesay Castle built in the 13th century, starting the contstruction around 1285.  Owned by Laurence of Ludlow, a leading wool merchant from that time who wanted it to be a secure, private house.  His family owned the castle until the 16th century.

DSC_0861-small DSC_0862-smallLucas would have loved to visit this castle and turn into a knight, maybe 2 years ago, when all his playing was about knights.

DSC_0863-smallThis is a view I don’t think I could tire of seeing.  The colors, the wood, the bricks… what a beautiful construction.  The gatehouse made out of wood and plaster in the 17th century.


DSC_0865-small DSC_0866-smallSiena found a fury friend while we were walking the grounds.

DSC_0867-smallLook at this beautiful roof.


Next to the castle, there is a church and the cemetery.

DSC_0858-small DSC_0860-small DSC_0859-small

All this history. I feel lucky to be able to stand there and see it with our own eyes.

DSC_0870-small DSC_0871-small DSC_0872-small DSC_0876-small DSC_0885-small DSC_0887-small DSC_0884-small DSC_0873-small DSC_0886-small DSC_0888-small


DSC_0894-small DSC_0892-small DSC_0883-small DSC_0895-small

The castle is on this road.  And though most of the roads we took were paved, they were almost as wide as these ones.  I love how unique and calm and quiet it feels.


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