Beekeeping in England

While visiting our friends in England, at their home, they have a couple of bee hives.  Some friends of theirs are the beekeepers, so they come and check the hives regularly.

It was fun to see the bees go about their business and see a little bit of beekeeping even in our trip.  Because beekeeping is a worldwide language.


We had left our bees at home (of course), but Mark enjoyed getting in the hive with their friends, and seeing an English hive… not sure there was much difference from ours here.  But hey! You’ve got to poke around to learn, right?

DSC_0161-small DSC_0159-small

They had placed a new queen in the hive few weeks before we arrived, so they had been checking on her and how the hive was doing.

DSC_0163-small DSC_0164-small DSC_0165-small DSC_0166-small DSC_0170-small

All looked good.  It made all three beekeepers happy, because you know the saying… “happy queen, happy bees, happy beekeepers!”



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