Ludlow’s Market

DSC_0756-smallThe market. No matter where, farmer’s markets, or everything-markets, are so much fun to visit.  This one was the first one in our trip.

DSC_0759-small DSC_0761-smallMmm… honey.  Beautiful color!

DSC_0760-small DSC_0764-small DSC_0762-small DSC_0763-small DSC_0765-small DSC_0768-small DSC_0766-small DSC_0767-smallSo many handmade goods. Lots of fun to look around.

DSC_0769-smallDelicious olives and pickles, we took for our picnic.

DSC_0770-small DSC_0771-small DSC_0800-small DSC_0802-small DSC_0803-smallWeaving.

DSC_0804-smallIf I could have brought some of these with us… I knew I couldn’t so I took a picture.

DSC_0806-small DSC_0807-small DSC_0808-smallBut oh these cups and teapots and plates… I couldn’t bring them either! So here are some photos.

DSC_0810-small DSC_0811-smallSo fun to look at everything new.  So much fun.


3 thoughts on “Ludlow’s Market

  1. Glendie August 22, 2014 / 6:41 am

    So NIce!!!!

  2. monica Hinostroza Fuchslocher August 24, 2014 / 7:18 am

    que lindo el castilloi , las tacitas y los canastos ” parecidos ” a los de Villarrica ????

    • NaturallyFunDays : Marcela August 24, 2014 / 9:33 am

      Hola Mama. Si, los canastos preciosos… pero no me entraban en la maleta, asi que no traje uno. Pero si traje un canasto tipo bolso de Francia. Las tazas lindas tambien. Las frutas y verduras… todo super lindo.

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