Ludlow Castle + Shakespeare Festival


To celebrate Siena’s birthday, our friends Mac and Ros gave us the experience of going to see a Shakespeare Play. As You Like It. When Ros asked us few months before if that would be something we wanted to do while visiting, the kids said right away they did want to go.  Knowing it was a comedy, we thought it might be easier than other plays but we thought we’d read it before we went.

DSC_0722-smallWhen we arrived in Ludlow, you could see the town was celebrating.  There were people dressed up everywhere.  Other’s performing in the streets, outside the castle.

DSC_0776-small DSC_0798-small DSC_0774-small DSC_0778-smallWe went for a walk to see the castle before we went inside for the play.

DSC_0783-small DSC_0784-smallIt reminded me a little of the views we had in Gwalior, in India.  Maybe it was because we were with Ros, Mac and Ro.  Everyone we had first met while in India.

DSC_0780-small DSC_0785-small DSC_0786-small DSC_0787-small DSC_0788-small DSC_0789-small DSC_0791-small DSC_0790-small DSC_0792-small DSC_0813-smallAnd now, heading inside for the play and a picnic.

DSC_0819-small DSC_0814-small DSC_0817-small DSC_0823-small DSC_0825-smallThere were no pictures allowed inside, during the play, but we have the memories and lots of funny stories.


Ludlow, a beautiful town, I’d recommend visiting, if you are in that part of the world.


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