Ludlow, Shropshire

DSC_0702-smallThe day after we arrived in Wem (in Shropshire), at our friends’ home, we headed south to the beautiful town of Ludlow.


DSC_0703-smallWe had a friend of Mac and Ros join us.  She traveled a couple of hours from her place, to see us and go to the play in Ludlow with us.  We met Ro in India, when she went to see Ros and Mac. So it was really fun and special to see her again, now in England.

DSC_0707-smallDo I need to say much about how excited Lucas and Siena were to ride in Ro’s convertible?

DSC_0704-small DSC_0711-smallEverything seemed so special and beautiful as we started our walk through the streets of Ludlow.  After being in London, such a big city, we welcomed the smallness of it.  We love the countryside, no matter where we are.DSC_0712-small DSC_0715-small The Tudor buildings, I must say, were one of my favorite things of England.

DSC_0723-smallSo were these signs.

DSC_0720-small DSC_0727-small DSC_0728-small DSC_0729-smallPathways, streets, roads, all much smaller than what we are used to here in the US.

DSC_0732-small DSC_0737-small DSC_0733-small

St. Laurence’s Church, built around the 1100’s.

DSC_0738-small DSC_0740-small DSC_0736-small DSC_0746-small DSC_0747-smallBreathtaking.  DSC_0750-small DSC_0749-small DSC_0753-small DSC_0755-small We walked through the streets of Ludlow towards the market and the castle.

DSC_0744-small DSC_0773-small DSC_0777-small DSC_0779-small DSC_0781-small DSC_0834-small DSC_0836-small DSC_0839-small DSC_0840-small DSC_0843-small DSC_0844-small DSC_0849-small DSC_0848-smallI leave you with the beautiful sounds we heard as we got off the cars and as we walked the streets of Ludlow.  It was a long while, making our welcome to this beautiful town, such a memorable one (for this and so much more!)


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