A different train ride


After spending 5 days in London and having seen our friends Mac and Ros and having said good bye to them too, we were heading back to their home now.


From the hotel we walked few blocks to take the bus to find that the two buses we could have taken to the train station were re-routed.  But the beginning date was that next day, so people (besides us) were confused every time we checked with someone about the bus lines we were waiting for.  After 30 minutes waiting, and getting nervous of missing our train, we continued to walk in the right direction, to try to find a bus to take us to Euston Train Station.


We arrived at the station with time.  They don’t give the platform in which the train leaves just 10 or 15 minutes before it leaves.  So we stood there with enough time to catch our breaths.


And then we looked for our train.  No problem at all. Clear, quick, easy to find and get on, no crowds.  A very different experience than the train rides we experienced in India or even the one we took to Seattle couple of years ago.

DSC_0014-small DSC_0017-small DSC_0018-small

Lucas’s worries were all cleared once we stepped into the train.

DSC_0024-small DSC_0020-smallWe settled in our seats.

DSC_0031-smallWe looked outside as we left the station and then the beautiful countryside it started to appear as we left the capital.

DSC_0022-smallWe remembered our days in London.  With our favorites and the personal top 3.  With those places we didn’t get to this time, and which ones we will go to next time.

DSC_0032-smallWe looked at the map to see where we were going next, and what we were leaving behind.


DSC_0037-smallWe listened to “books on tape.”  OK, I know we haven’t used the tapes in our house for years.  We did have and record a tape of Siena’s heart beat when I was pregnant with her (12 years ago) and there’s only been a couple of books on tape borrowed from the library since then, but “books on tape” comes out of our mouths easier than audiobooks.  But I am so thankful for MP3 players and the much lighter bag that comes with it.  I saved over 30 different books (many, many more CDs!) in that little thing… amazing what the technology can offer.  Isn’t it?

DSC_0041-small DSC_0042-smallOh, and yes coloring.  These kids love coloring (me too!)  Greek Goddesses and Gods a request from the kids, as we studied Greece few months ago, and now they are listening the Percy Jackson books, for the second (third?) time.


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