London’s architecture

I wonder if I’d like to be an architect some day.  I’ve always liked buildings but I don’t understand how they can be built.  It always amazes me.

DSC_0086-smallIn our trip we saw and talked a lot about architecture and how it has changed throughout the years.  Decades.  Centuries.

DSC_96-smallThe modern right next to the old.

DSC_0104-small DSC_0108-smallMaking it one metropolitan city.

DSC_0150-smallWith these roof tops that we’ve seen in movies before.  Doesn’t it remind you of Mary Poppins?

DSC_0160-smallThe curves, the white.



The bricks.  The cement.  The combination of it all.  It’s what makes a city a city.

Maybe if we would have stayed a little longer in London, we would have seen London being finished.


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