London from the Thames

The River Thames goes through the city of London, and though in a different way and in a different scale, it reminded of Portland and its Willamette River.   The Thames river goes through this beautiful city, and it’s the longest river in England (we got to see it going through Oxford too, later in our trip.)   DSC_0311-smallThe Themes River is deep so ships can navigate it.

DSC_0312-small DSC_0318-smallOn our way back from Greenwich, we didn’t get off at the Tower of London (where we had started), but continued on the boat all the way down to Westminster and got to see the city from the water, a beautiful sight.

DSC_0398-smallWe passed the Tower of London.

DSC_0403-small DSC_0408-smallThe Shard and the Belfast, a WWII ship turned into a museum.

DSC_0418-small DSC_0419-small DSC_0421-smallLondon Bridge.

DSC_0426-small DSC_0429-small DSC_0431-small DSC_0433-smallThe city with all the cranes, it reminded me of a story our friends told us about a friend of theirs with a little kid who was watching out the window from their office one day and said “When will the city of London be done?”

DSC_0436-small DSC_0441-smallThe Globe Theater. Another top place in our list, we wanted to see, but ran out of time.  For next time will have to be.  A must.

DSC_0443-smallThe Tate Modern Art Museum.  How I wish we could have gone, with the Matisse exhibit right now… Also for next visit.

DSC_0445-small DSC_0449-small DSC_0450-smallMillennium Bridge.

DSC_0453-small DSC_0455-small DSC_0460-smallBlackfriars Bridge.

DSC_0461-small DSC_0464-small DSC_0780-small DSC_0477-smallWaterloo Bridge.

DSC_0476-small DSC_0479-small DSC_0493-small

We thought of going to the London Eye but after learning how much it costs to get up there, we decided we wanted to see other things instead.  And seeing it from down here was beautiful and fun enough for me.

DSC_0506-small DSC_0482-small DSC_0488-small DSC_0491-smallThey told us that the tourists are the ones waving from the bridge.  Londoners are busy  or focused going or coming to places.  Fair enough.

DSC_0508-small DSC_0509-smallThe Aquarium.  You can see in the walls on the river there are lion faces (greenish color).  These have rings in their mouths.  Were put there to keep watch in the tides and water level of the Thames River.  When the water reaches their mouth, London is at risk of flood.  The boat’s guide told us a rhyme that Londoners know to remind them of the saying of the lion’s face and water level:

When the lions drink, London will sink.
When it’s up to their manes, we’ll go down the drains.
When the water is sucked, you can be sure we’re all … in trouble.

DSC_0537-small DSC_0544-smallWestminster.

DSC_0538-smallAnd Big Ben.  I could do this boat ride again.  I could have done it every day.  I recommend it if you are ever in that part of the world.


2 thoughts on “London from the Thames

  1. Tracey July 30, 2014 / 5:57 am

    Oh the Thames! My husband’s family is named for that river, the spelling was changed when they came to America. And London Bridge, how fun to see it in real life and not just imagine in from a nursery rhyme.

    • NaturallyFunDays : Marcela August 5, 2014 / 9:33 am

      Hi Tracey. Yes, it was so much fun to be there in person, in London. We saw so many wonderful things, and yes the “London Bridge” was a fun one. And oh, the Thames, is a beautiful river. London in general, a fun city to visit. Have you’ve been there?

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