Boat to Greenwich


To go to Greenwich, we rode the bus to the Tower of London, and took the boat from the Millennium Pier.  The 2-day tour bus pass we bought included the boat ride.  It was perfect.

DSC_0306-smallDSC_0307-smallDSC_0741-smallWe got there as early as we could.  It was our second day in London, with 8 hours difference in our bodies, so we did our best, and to tell you the truth, the kids did awesome.  Amazing what they can do.

DSC_0739-small DSC_0748-smallSo far we had taken an airplane, a train, a London double decker bus, and an open top double decker bus.  Now, it was time for a boat ride.  I get motion sick very easily, and boats are not on top of my to-do lists, but ferries are something different, and even better if it’s in a river.

DSC_0320-small DSC_0321-small DSC_0319-smallWe were going to Greenwich to see the Prime Meridian and see what we could see.

DSC_0373-smallDSC_0751-smallWe turn around from the pier and go under the Tower Bridge and we left behind the Tower of London.  Our day and boat trip had started very exciting already.


DSC_0735-smallRight across the river from the Tower of London there sits Belfast, a WWII ship turned into a museum.  Something we wanted to check, but didn’t have enough time.  It will have to be for next time.


DSC_0328-smallNow going East, towards Greenwich, in the Thames, we see so much from the boat.  A different view from what we’ve seen so far.  Also we notice the marks of the river and its levels going up and down with the sea tides. The Thames being one of the two longest rivers in Great Britain, together with the River Severn, which we also saw later in our trip.

DSC_0326-small DSC_0325-smallDSC_0322-small DSC_0317-small


DSC_0764-small DSC_0770-small

This is an area I thought it would have looked like where Charles Dickens probably worked (in the shoe-blacking factory) while his father (and family) was in jail, when he was young.

DSC_0771-small DSC_0786-small DSC_0791-small DSC_0798-smallGreenwich from the River Thames.

DSC_0802-small DSC_0805-smallWe have arrived to Greenwich after about 30 minutes or so in the boat, ready to discover and see new things.


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