Old Royal Naval Museum in Greenwich + 1,001 posts

DSC_0812-small DSC_0814-small DSC_0816-small DSC_0818-small

The first stop after the boat ride to Greenwich, was the Royal Maritime Museum.  With lots of hands on cases.


Like this one, for people to try a real Tudor armour on, with all its weight on your shoulders.


DSC_0827-small DSC_0833-small

This what they used when they would be jousting.

DSC_0852-small DSC_0854-small DSC_0860-smallIt is really heavy.

DSC_0879-small DSC_0873-small

DSC_0885-smallThis is a family tree showing the connections of the Royal families to Greenwich.  Please do notice Henry VIII’s six wives.

DSC_0892-small DSC_0893-small

And this is a Tudor window.



This Tudor window has been rebuilt from Tudor stonework excavated on the site of the Tudor Palace.  This window shows two coats of arms.  One, the royal arms of Henry VIII showing the Tudor crown on the top with alternating white and red Tudor roses of York and Lancaster.  The other one is the arms of Anne Boleyn.  The arms incorporates the arms of several English and French noble families and a motif of interlocking H and A initials.

When Anne Boleyn arrived as queen at the Greenwich Palace in 1533, meant that all the windows of the palace had to be reglazed with her arms and badges so they can replace the ones of Catherine of Aragon.  But they didn’t last long.  Only three years until the next new queen arrived at the palace, Jane Seymour.

DSC_0865-small DSC_0876-small DSC_0866-small DSC_0849-small

With all these years of history, we are going to need many more months of studying Europe’s history.  But this trip made us understand and learn a little more.  And this place, a fun museum indeed.

On another note, yesterday was my 1,000 post in this blog.  Oh my… I never ever thought in a million years I’d stay with this blogging ritual for this long.  Over 3 years now.  But it has turned into a journal of our days and our adventures, that I am hoping in the future, we’ll be able to look back and remember them.

I wonder if there’s a way we can keep it in a more tangible way.  I’m afraid of it disappearing in lalaland some day.  Do you know of a way to do that? Have you’ve done something with your online writing?  Would love to hear your suggestions.

Hope you are all enjoying your days.  Your summer (northern part of the world) or winter or monsoon, or whatever might be, wherever you are.  Hope all is well in your days.  Thank you so very much for coming to visit me here.  I do appreciate and love your comments, the time you take to come see me, and seeing that maybe something in all of these photos, words, projects, or posts sparks something in your life.  It makes my day and I feel lucky.  Very lucky, indeed.  Thank you dear friends. 


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