London : the pubs


The day we arrive in London, the World Cup had started already.  The pubs were showing football games  all day.  They always seem busy, but it was really crazy in the evenings.  When everyone after work seem to go hang out in the pubs.  Pints of beers on little tables, long tables, tall stools, inside and out side the pubs.  Groups people hanging out, talking, having fun.




One evening, when England was playing, we had to walk around to find a family friendly pub.  They were showing the game and they were going to be busier and they expected to be crazier than usual, so no kids were allowed that evening.  But we just walked another couple of blocks, and found one. (That was the game England lost to Uruguay.)

DSC_0683-small DSC_0685-small

We tried Ginger Beer (not a beer), and of course, fish and chips.

DSC_0686-small DSC_0687-small DSC_0690-small DSC_0693-small DSC_0697-small

We had fun trying new foods.  This time the kids enjoyed it more than in our stay in India, where they found most of the things to be too spicy.  This time, they had fun trying the foods.




It was a great time to catch our breaths, and get some energy back.  Even if it was dinner time.  It’s where we’d read about the places we had talked about visiting, and deciding what we wanted to see and go next.  This book was very helpful we found.  Easily organized and with great descriptions.

DSC_0614-small DSC_0619-small

Also a great place to play with the new treasures.


And try new foods.

DSC_0695-smallFish and chips with mushy peas.

DSC_0626-smallBangers and mash.

DSC_0007-small DSC_0332-small DSC_0622-small

I think fish and chips ended up being the favorite London food.



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