London : Westminster Abbey

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Westminster Abbey founded in 960 is right across the street from the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben.

DSC_0302-small DSC_0305-small DSC_0312-smallMark and I had been in London before, and with three short days, we had decided to just look at it from the outside.  This time, the kids wanted to visit inside the Abbey.  And I am glad we did.

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It is the coronation church, and we saw the Coronation Chair and the area where it’s done. It has been the place where kings and queens are crowned since 1066 and the place where some of them rest today.

DSC_0316-small DSC_0319-small







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It is the place where famous people are buried.  Charles Darwin, Elizabeth I, Isaac Newton, and Charles Dickens to mention a few.


Walking through those isles of the abbey, reading about so many important people that are resting in that place, or are honored with a statue or mosaic in the windows.  Sitting in the chairs inside, listening the steps on the floor, the quietness but the busyness make this place one to visit.

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These ten carvings or statues (from 1988) are of martyrs from the 20th century.  It says this plaque, it represents people who have died (and continue to die) in similar circumstances of oppression and persecution.  They are drawn from every continent and many Christian denominations.


Maximilian Kolbe.  Mance Masemola.  Janani Luwam.  Elizabeth of Russia.  Martin Luther King.  Oscar Romero.  Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Esther John.  Lucian Tapiedi.  Wang Zhiming.DSC_0335-small DSC_0337-small

DSC_0358-small DSC_0360-small



Another fun part of our adventure.



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