World Unit : England

In getting ready for our trip this summer, we had a Europe unit Study.  We studied France and England.  I’ve written about what we studied in France before.


For some reason I don’t have as many pictures of our unit in England, and we also ran out of time to read about before we had to leave on our trip.  So, we left the books and videos behind, and went on the real, life experiences.  Our own field trip to Europe.  The real life learning.  The best way to learn, I believe.


We read this book, about what was invented or created in England.  we had lots of fun reading about what we have today, or what we use at home or on a daily basis that came from England.  Also, we read the book from the same series, of things that came from France.  Also fun to read and look through.


And of course, there was history.  But there is so much history in this old country, that I know we only brushed the top of the top part.  But we had fun reading about Henry VIII and his six wives.  Really! SIX!  Divorced, decapitated, death, divorced, decapitated, survived.  Crazy!

These are the books we used for this part of our studies this spring:

Websites and other resources:

As always, if you have any other resources you’d like to share, please do so in the comments section. We would love to have them for future reference or if anybody else would like to use them.  Thanks! Thanks for sharing, and thanks for coming to visit.   have a great day!


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