double decker tour bus of London

DSC_0721-smallDSC_0710-smallDSC_0366-small We had a two-day pass to ride in a double decker bus while in London.  It was fun riding on top of the bus, as well as seeing all the wonderful buildings and bridges along the Thames river from up high. DSC_0420-small DSC_0422-small DSC_0444-small DSC_0248-small DSC_0452-small DSC_0487-small DSC_0493-small DSC_0491-small DSC_0290-small DSC_0447-small DSC_0451-smallQueen Victoria’s oldest statue. DSC_0489-small DSC_0490-small DSC_0505-small DSC_0495-small DSC_0500-small DSC_0453-small We got to see lots things and places.  All those buildings and sites and icons of London.  We tried to keep up with the history, and with the telling of the stories during the trips in the bus, but there is so, so very much, I don’t think I can remember even a measurable amount.  But I am trying, at least in a visual way right here. DSC_0454-small DSC_0455-smallPunch Magazine (political satire) from the 1800’s started here, in this pub. DSC_0494-small DSC_0506-small DSC_0519-small DSC_0522-small DSC_0460-small DSC_0463-small DSC_0466-small DSC_0519-small DSC_0467-smallSt. Paul’s Cathedral. DSC_0471-small DSC_0473-small DSC_0477-small DSC_0483-small DSC_0507-smallA monument to remember the terrible London Fire of 1666, started at a bakery. DSC_0508-small DSC_0509-smallThe Thames River and its bridges. DSC_0511-small DSC_0516-smallMind the Gap.  DSC_0712-small DSC_0521-smallV2 Rockets that were used in WWII, I think were made here. DSC_0523-small DSC_0524-small DSC_0571-small DSC_0576-smallThe Eye of London. DSC_0578-small DSC_0572-smallThe Eye of London together with the Millennium Bridge. DSC_0582-smallBig Ben. DSC_0605-smallNelson Mandela statue, right outside of Westminster Abbey. DSC_0606-small DSC_0608-small DSC_0609-small DSC_0610-small DSC_0612-small DSC_0615-small DSC_0622-smallAdmiralty Arch. DSC_0623-small Thames-small The Royal Courts 1-small The Royal Courts 3 - small The Shard 1-smallThe Shard. waterloo hospital for children-small We had a chance to ride on these buses few times in different routes in our stay in the capital.  I highly recommend doing it if you are in London.  We have our favorites spots, and I will share here those places we visited inside.


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