the first train ride


Lucas wasn’t sure he wanted to ride the train here.  We had all remembered our first days in India, when we had to take the train from Delhi to Gwalior for the first time.  It had been OK, with the help from the Fullbright staff, but something we’ve talked and remembered all this time.

DSC_0053-smallWhen Lucas saw the train station we were going in to, I think he felt a little more secure and OK about our first day in this new country.  It was not like the train station we had experienced in India.

DSC_0057-small DSC_0058-small DSC_0061-small DSC_0060-small DSC_0062-small DSC_0065-small


And we headed to the city of London.  With stories creating already, and others remembered as we reminisce our days together, from three years ago, when we first met, in a country foreign to all of us.


That made us closer, that made us lean on each other when we needed each other.  Because we were far away from what was known to us and we were there for each other.  Even if we were coming from two countries separated by an ocean, it seemed to bring us closer just by being away from all we knew.

DSC_0069-small DSC_0073-small

And here we are, in a new place for us.  Mark and I have been to London before, but for Lucas and Siena, a new place.  But quite a different experience so far because of being with our friends, knowing the language, seeing some similarities, and probably because we have traveled before.

DSC_0072-smallWe find our way.

DSC_0078-small DSC_0080-small

And we are here for each other again, but we have the help from our dear friends.


A trip in the double decker bus on our first day.


We are in London indeed.


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