baseball season

There’s been lots of playing these past two months. And it’s been lots of fun.


He’s been pitching and really enjoying it.

DSC_0067-small DSC_0069-small

DSC_0294-small DSC_0295-small

DSC_0072-small DSC_0074-smallWith friends watching… makes the games even more fun!



And something fun to do together while we watch and wait.


Lucas has been pitching.  And I think he’s pretty good at it.  I am his mom after all, so I can say all that.  But we get all excited for him when he hits like this:

Now I know what a grand slam is in baseball.  Thank you Lucas!

DSC_0095-small DSC_0098-small

As the season wound down, I can look back and I can say I’ve learned a lot.  A lot!  But I also know I have more to learn, but I shouldn’t worry.  I think we’ll have more baseball seasons to come.  Our little guy is really enjoying playing out there.  And that’s what matters.




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