France, Paris : The Eiffel Tower


We read the Night of the New Magicians (#35 Magic Tree House series) when we started our studies of France.  This is why we studied Louis Pasteur, together with other scientists.


Here I’m sharing what we did to study the famous Eiffel Tower.


We drew it.


We read a few books about Gustave Eiffel.  We also found a lot of resources online.  We drew the tower, we talked about it, we figured out when they would be painting it again.  So many neat stories about it.

DSC_0027-small DSC_0025-small

And we cut one out from cardstock from an online resource.

DSC_0023-small DSC_0024-small DSC_0030-small DSC_0032-small DSC_0037-small DSC_0038-small DSC_0036-small

Wouldn’t it be amazing to see it in person?  I can’t imagine standing by it, or walking around the city and having this amazing ‘scultpure’ rising above the city. And think that they thought of it as an eye sore, back in 1890’s.  An incredible piece of engineer work.

These are the resources we used:

And at the end, we add it to our France book.




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