the butterfly : fly

I will never forget when Siena started swimming in a team about two years ago.  We walked into the pool and meet the instructor (of the non-competeitice swim team), and Siena’s first words out of her mouth are “I don’t know how to swim butterfly”… The instructor responded with his sweet voice “That’s OK! That’s why you are here.”  And with that same care he’s been Siena’s teacher for more than two years.  Now coaching her in the competitive team.

DSC_0278-small DSC_0279-small DSC_0280-small DSC_0283-small DSC_0284-small DSC_0286-small DSC_0289-small DSC_0288-small DSC_0290-small DSC_0291-small

And I know I am her mom, but I do believe this is the most beautiful swimming I’ve ever seen. Her delicate hands, her strong strokes, her power, her movements, her coordination and graciousness, all put together to her most beautiful swimming.  And her favorite.  A Mama speaking with her heart spilling of pride.


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