making : pencil (or anything) case

After I made the passport wallet and learned to sew a zipper, I wanted to zipper up everything else.  My husband and my kids were right!  Watch out you fabric.



Luckily it was a long weekend (Mark was home), we didn’t have any swim meets or games (we were home), it was pretty (the kids were running around in the neighborhood with friends), and they had a new project (the kids were running around the neighborhood instead of all being at our house.)  All this means, we had breakfast, the kids were gone playing outside all day until evening, I made popcorn for lunch and cut up some watermelon and pickles, and the kids ate whenever they wanted.  We had easy and rather late, dinners.


All this sums up to me having lots of time to think and sew and put zippers on.  Learn something new, make a new pattern, find time to figure it out, and all of this in daylight!  Mark even was able to read a whole book in one day.  What a weekend it was.

I love bags.  I do.  My mom does too.  My grandma did too.  I blame it all on them.  It’s their fault I have so many bags of all sizes.  It’s their bag genes that were passed in the chromosomes to me.  You know, the ‘dominant bag chromosome’.

I had some cute England fabric I found a while back, and it was the perfect sewing travel project.  A pencil bag, I knew Siena and Lucas would like.  I want one too, but I’m thinking which size I want.  I wonder if I can tweak the pattern to make it bigger.


I looked online.  There are so, so many ideas out there.  Pinterest is so full, to go crazy. I found this tutorial on Hamels Blog.  I love it!  It is so clear… great photos, great descriptions to go along. Exactly what I need.


Tabs included.


I was able to read, cut, sew, and end up with a neat pencil case… actually two of them! So good are the directions.


And yes, it has a zipper.  Now I need to go buy some more zippers.


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